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Welcome to SarahDipity Photography's gallery of studio backgrounds!
I currently have over 200 background options to choose from with lots of different themes and styles. You can choose your own backgrounds for your studio portrait session by letting me know the background name & image number in this gallery. If you don't see the theme or style your looking for please contact me to discuss further. Can't wait to see you in the studio!
Rainbow 5x6'Bakery 5x6'Glamorous Gold 60x80"Minty Fresh 60"80"Bakery with BalloonsDarling Stripes 60x70"Pink & Gold Floral Balloons 60"x80"Blush Balloons r2 72"x60"First Birthday Floral 60"x80"Flower ButterfliesMinnie Dreams 60x80Sophie r2 72"x60"Ciara 84"x60"Butterfly Garden Party 5x8'Enchanting Lavender 60"x80"Colorful Balloons 5'x7' (Added Alice in Wonderland props)Rochelle 84"x60"Sweet TreatsWhimsical Balloon Hoop 80"x60"