I absolutely adore photographing newborns and I am always honored when I get invited to capture this special time in your life! Newborns are best photographed within the first 2 weeks of life (6-16 days old has been the best in my experience). Newborn babies quickly outgrow the tiny, sleepy, curled up characteristics that are the hallmark of newborn photography so it is important not to wait on scheduling your newborn session. After 2 weeks babies typically do not sleep as soundly & colic can appear (as well as baby acne) which can make getting those cute poses more difficult. 
I treat every newborn as my own. And I work with them the best I can to get the most adorable & creative shots that I wish I had of my all children as babies. Not every parent is comfortable with putting their baby in a flower pot, or hanging their baby in a sling (all done safely of course!) If this is a type of shot you would like to try to achieve please mention it to me a head of time.  If you desire, I can also take some sibling and or family portraits with your newborn. I know well that you may not be feeling your best so soon after giving birth, but if you would like to be included in some shots, that is not a problem & with proper posing, lighting & editing we can do wonders!
It is best to schedule your newborn session while you are still pregnant in order to guarantee the best availability. I will "pencil-in" your due date and schedule your session after baby's arrival or sooner if you are have a scheduled delivery. Otherwise you or a significant other will contact me upon the baby's arrival. If you have already had your baby, please contact me ASAP and I can try to squeeze you in. Once I have 8-10 babies scheduled that are due in a single month, the next inquiries will be put on a waiting list. If I find that I will be able to fit another one in as it get closer to your due date (sometimes babies arrive early, late, or will have a scheduled delivery), then I will let you know. If you are on the waiting list & your little one arrives much earlier or later than expected, please contact me asap, because I may not have as many newborns scheduled the month prior or after and fitting you in may be much easier. 
Newborn sessions are very different from a regular session. First, they tend to last much longer since I let the baby take the lead. We take as many breaks as needed for feeding (sometimes on demand for baby to fall back to sleep means breaking feeding schedules, another reason why the sooner the better), cuddling, and changing. Newborns are best photographed in the first 2 weeks of life. I ask that you do not schedule anything else the day of our session in order for the experience to be relaxed and not rushed. I would plan on about 2-3 hours, but I have had some sessions last 3.5 hours. Sessions will take place in my in home studio in Middlesex, NJ or at an outdoor location of my choosing (typically Colonial Park in Somerset, NJ) when outdoor photographs are requested.
The best part of coming to my studio for your newborn sessions is that I will have everything prepared and set up prior to your arrival and clean up after you leave. I will have EVERYTHING I have on hand & ready to use. I already know and am comfortable with the space & lighting in my home which works perfectly for newborn sessions. You will not have to worry about cleaning up or taking care of things as if we were in your home, so you will be more relaxed which mean baby will be also. Please feel free to bring a snack & a drink in case the session continues longer than expected.  Many times dad will drop baby & mommy off and come back when we are close to done or come back with other siblings to be included in the session so that they aren't antsy and bored waiting around. We can discuss individual circumstances prior to your scheduled session. A full prep guide will be emailed a few days prior to your schedule session so you will have a list of details on what to bring & how to prepare!
Personal props will be allowed at the discretion of the photographer, please limited this to 1 or 2 items. 
**I will no longer allow the little crocheted outfits, while these are adorable I do feel that they concentrate too much on the outfit & take away from the beauty of the baby and usually do not fit well. I want to provide you with gorgeous photos of your little one that will be timeless.  With that said; 1 fun special request set up will be allowed (i.e. super hero theme, disney princess theme, gone fishing theme, etc)
Please inquire for availability.  All newborn sessions are recommended to take place within the first 16 days after birth for full term babies (38 wks +).
Deposit: A $199 Non-refundable deposit is required when booking. The session fee must be paid in full by day of newborn session. Please inquire about payment plan if interested. Your price is locked in at the time of booking(once the retainer & contract has been complete)!
Deluxe Session: 5 different looks. Will include a family setup including both parents & all combinations, 1 siblings setups, & 3 baby alone (unless no siblings then 4) Approximately 2.5-3.5 hour session time,  20 high resolution digital images, 20% off all future sessions through baby's 1st birthday! 
Newborn Session Fee: $999
Mini Session: 3 Set ups of baby only &/or siblings set ups. Approximately 1.5-2.5 hour session time)12 high resolution digital images, 20% off all future sessions through baby's 1st birthday! 
Fee: $799 
Simple Session: 1 wrapped set up of new baby only, your choice of a blanket, fur rug, or prop set up (upto a 45 minute session time) 3 high resolution digital images, 20% off all future sessions through baby's 1st birthday! Due to the time restraint of this session baby will be swaddled & photographed awake or sleeping.
Fee: $499 
Baby's 1st Year: Includes a 30 minute maternity session, deluxe newborn session, three 1 hour sessions during baby's first year: tummy time, sitting unassisted,1st Birthday-cake smash & splash. Sessions can take place instudio or outdoors, can include immediate family or be just baby, 20% off all additional sessions through baby's 1st birthday(including any themed holiday or mini sessions offered throughout the year)
Fee: $2,699 
Newborn sessions are scheduled & time is saved for them on Mon, Thur, Fri mornings ONLY!
Newborn Session Add Ons:
Weekends: +$200
Evening outdoor session (other than on my property): +$100
Doing an entire newborn session outdoor in the park is recommended for simple or mini session only, I do feel that a full session can be too long for a new baby to be outdoors. 
Family/Parents: +$150
Siblings (after 2, not including newborn): +$50 each
Pets (up to 2): +$50
Additional Family Members (Example: Grandparents or Godparents): +$50 per set
Posed Maternity: Maternity sessions are only offered to those who have booked their newborn session with me (any newborn session option). Maternity sessions can be scheduled for the mother to be only, or include both parents & their other children can be included as well upto a family of 5. The studio is stocked with some maternity gowns which are also available for use at your session at no additional charge.
30 min session: $475 (includes 10 images)
1 hour session: $675 (includes 15 images)
90 min session: $875 (includes 20 images)
Additional children (after 3): +$50
Maternity Deposit: A $175 non refundable deposit is due at booking to reserve your date.
If a gallery produces more than the set number of images included in the session fee, additional images may be available for purchases at $35 per image. This will be at the photographer's disgretion & a seperate preview gallery will be provided prior to your final downloadable gallery for your image selection, if additional images are chosen, payment must be made before final downloadable gallery is delivered.
*NOTE: I DO NOT recommend printing from places like walmart, shutterfly, snapfish, rite aid, etc. Quality & clarity do vary from printer to printer. You will be able to order prints & canvas' directly from your online gallery where you will also have access to downloading all your images. This printer is a pro-level lab, so they will match the color calibration information in the files and properly print the images. Their prices are competitive with other professional photography labs and they ship right to your front door. I will also include other printing recommendations for canvas' in the email when you recieve the link to your gallery.* Easy!
**Another bonus of digital only packages is NO sales tax is charged to you!**
For more newborn images please view the Galleries tab above.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.
*We do have a family pet, a cat named Charlie, he is very important to us. I understand that some people are allergic to cats so if that is the case then an outdoor session may be a better option since Charlie does have free range of the studio room while sessions aren't taking place.*
My daughter Aliza (14 days old) with Charlie (4 years) -2018
My daughter Aliza with our cat Charlie in 2018.