My family left to right: Zachary, baby Elon, myself (Sarah), husband Ray, Aliza, & our oldest Leah.

Photo taken with the help from: Jennifer Lugo Photography in 2020.
What we will experience in our time together means as much to me as the final product! If you want portraits that express who you are & the love you have for your family, I'll need you to open up a bit & share. So it's only fair you should know a little about me.

I'm Sarah! I met my husband Ray when I was just 14 years old & a freshman in High School & we've been together ever since! We now have 4 beautiful children together who we had at all stages of our life together. Our first, Leah we had in our teens; our 2nd, Zachary we had in our 20's; and our 3rd & 4th, Aliza & Elon, we had in our 30's. We have certainly been busy over the past 20 years & somewhere soon after baby #2 is when I started doing photography! 


My business was made beautiful I loved beautiful photos of my own children! In 2009 I fell in love which is when I began my photography journey & started photography as a hobby! Since then I've continued to add more equipment, editing tools, & attending workshops to further enhance my work. Other than being a business owner I'm also a full time wife & mother of 4 & aRegistered Dental Hygienist & work 2 days a week at an upscale dental practice in Somerset, NJ (The Art of Dentistry & Spa) I've been employed there since 2006 & I love my patients & co-workers there as much as my photography clients so I don't know that I could ever leave them. 

I love children, especially babies! Children all have unique personalities, interests and stories. Sometimes they'll even share them with me, along with a soggy cracker & their juice box. If I'm not shooting your adorable kids I'm likely surrounded by my own. I am a studio light & natural light photographer with a passion to focus on newborn, babies, & children.

Photography it is an ever changing art that requires more than being taught in a classroom. I've attended workshops with photographers from all over the world who specialize in newborns & children. Every photographer has a style of their own, what one would say is a beautiful photo, may have no impact at all on someone else. When choosing a photographer it is important to see examples of their work in order to know if their style of photography is the style for you!


Other than babies & photography I love to read though I have very little times for it these days so I've switched to audio books which is usually what I'm listening to while editing. I'm a life long fan of Grey's Anatomy & love historical dramas & SciFi movies. My favorite foods are anything with cheese & chocolate. I hate coffee but love teas & my favorite music artist is Jack Johnson. I love the beach & hate the cold. My favorite color has always been red though I never wear it & oddly enough I wear alot of green.

We do have a family pet, a cat named Charlie, he is very important to us. I understand that some people are allergic to cats so if that is the case then an outdoor session may be better since Charlie does have free range of the studio while sessions are not in progress.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I look forward to meeting you & your family!

Thank you to my husband Ray who came up with the buisness name SarahDipity Photography <3